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9mm Black Pearl Beads

The 9mm black pearl beads are from the 38 abcraft line of beads. These beads are a beautiful, these beads are a beautiful, bright blue. They are made with 200 barrels of beading newsel, which means that the beads are hand-beaded in the usa. The pearl beads are then put together into a then-10-foot-long necklace or earring.

Vintage 7mm 9mm Bugle Beads sz 3 35 Grams

Deals for 9mm Black Pearl Beads

These vintage 7mm 9mm bugle beads sz 3 35 grams are a great deal at $8. You can't find them any other way. They are a pearl color with a blackburst finish. They are in good condition with no flaws. They are a little bit heavy, but they will make a great necklace or earring. They are also a little bit affordable.
these 4-9mm baroque pearls are natural fresh water pearls and are loose beads. They are a great option for jewelry making or diy.
this is a 9mm black pearl beads 2pc. This is a large hole pearl beads 10mm black pearls. These pearl beads are fresh water and genuine. They have a 8pcs pieces and 2pcs of large hole beads. This set comes with a manual of how to make them.